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Just sharing my icons =]
Hi! My name's Kaiti, and I like making icons. Random ones, a lot of text-only, a lot of Yu-Gi-Oh the Abridged Series, Pokémon, all kinds of things. Take what you want, but please comment and credit. Thanks, and have a lovely life!

Resources: Mint Tea Graphics, wonderland__, littlebittydemon-stock, mondkalbstock, anodyne-stock, suicide_stock, dressedtokill-stock, mybluelight-stock, fiori-di-ofelia, xnoangelx, barns-en, goodylike2shoes, samanthadravenstock, Chen Shu-Fen & Ping-Fen, vw1956stock, luminosus, longstock, inmate0fmymind, aranelmanveri, britneyisme, libumkeiki, shad0ws, erendisblack, petticoatrow, myoosikal, libumkeiki, chokingonstatic, The Animation Archive

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